Comment trouver le bon artisan

How to find a craftsman?

You have certainly already been faced with the problem of finding the right craftsmen for your work.

So you have probably also felt the fear of being scammed, of ending up with poorly done work, or with a late site.

Indeed, finding yourself with an unreliable craftsman can prove catastrophic. (See article "How to find your craftsman")

BTP CONSEIL puts you in touch with the craftsmen who are present on our sites.
By calling on our network, you can be sure that you have a craftsman who has proven himself in our construction sites and who we work with on a daily basis.

Thus, we put the reputation of our work team to the test and without any fear.

We can therefore ONLY offer you contacts with whom trust has already been established and physically gained.

It is for this reason that to date, we can only offer you artisans in a limited geographical area which corresponds to the South West of France (Montpellier, Toulouse, Bordeaux)

Our network is expanding as our brand moves to other regions. We are working hard to cover the whole territory.

If you are in our area, fill out the form on this page and request to be contacted by one of our professionals.

After your request you will be contacted by phone to better target your need and thus offer you the best suited craftsman.

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